About the Hotel

Welcome to the  Panorama *** Hotel located on the outskirts of Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski. Hotel location  in a close proximity to the national road No. 9 guarantees  You the freedom to travel, and the secluded location overshadow the hustle and bustle of the streets and the city.

Hotel charms the guests with an intimate atmosphere, cozy rooms and friendly service, which guarantees you a perfect holiday.

First guests ,as a restaurant, we hosted  in 1999, and so, gradually we expanded its offer. In 2013, we carried out modernization of the hotel's Standard part, this year we built a restaurant terrace, and on the end of the year we plan to overhaul the banquet hall. And it's not over yet ...

Currently we offer 83 lodging places situated in 43 rooms located in two, connected by the hotel's restaurant, parts.

The proximity to the city center and the attractions of  Świętokrzyskie region will entertain you stay in the hotel and help you to plan an interesting journey.